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Fresh Water Generators Spare Parts

Polar Maritime is considered one of the biggest world supplier for FWG Spare Parts including all items existing in the units.

For Alfa Laval, Apv, Sondex Plates, Gaskets and other unit components such as rubber rings, parts for Ejector Pumps, Fresh Water Pumps , Brine Ejectors, Flowmeters

Titanium or Inox Plates and Rubber Gaskets of all Quality Brand New or Refurbished.


Some of many types available:

Alfa Laval FWG
JWP 26, JWP 36, JWP-16
H12-CE , H20-CE, H35-CE
Sondex FWG
SFD 6, SFD 13, SFD 22, SFD 35

Salinometers and electrodes

SL 6005
SL 6008