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ALCAP Automation Systems

Polar is also active in providing EPC cards (EPC 30, EPC 41, EPC 400 etc) as well as complete systems for retrofitting purposes. All Alfa Laval Purifiers MAPX, MOPX, WHPX, FOPX, MMPX etc can be suitably retrofitted thus operate fully automatically. Replacement Cards type EPC etc on direct. Prices are very attractive making replacement of Carts available for low budgets.

Automation Control Units are available for Alfa Laval and Westfalia Separators

Some of many types available

EPC 30 Simatic C7-613 PLC 100/3
EPC 41 Simatic C7-623 PLC 10
EPC 400 Simatic OP 177B PLC 3/15
EPC 50
EPC 60