The concept of a Fresh Water Generator is simple:

Sea water is evaporated using a heat source, separating pure water from salt, sediment and other elements.

Fresh water generators often use the Diesel Engine Jacket as a heat source, although steam can also be used as a heat source.

Because Fresh Water Generators by large use existing heat to run, the cost of operation is low.

The Fresh Water Distiller is based on two Plate Heat Exchangers. The evaporator chamber is kept under vacuum by a water ejector driven by the seawater from the condenser.

Part of the heated seawater is used as feed water for the evaporator.

On entering the evaporating chamber this water evaporates due to the vacuum.

A deflector and built-in de-mister removes any water droplets still present.

These fall back into the brine, which is extracted from the sump by an ejector pump. The desalted water vapour is condensed in the plate condenser using cold seawater.

A salino meter monitors the salt contents of the water.